Anyone up for a $2,000 testimony? The Anointed Morning Water strikes Kerrville

Here’s a Kerrville Texas testimony about the anointed ‘Morning Water’ from Synagogue Church of All Nations!

At 4:40 pm, Tuesday 6/27/17, I called AT&T and asked them to check the phone usage during the period overlapping my bride Elyssa, and my travel to Lagos Nigeria for the Synagogue Church of All Nation. I didn’t have the specific foresight to call AT&T for this reason, but I called them and fumbled around until asking them this question. The AT&T female personnel took a deep breath, and she said, did you know that you have international roaming data charges of $1,600 + $200 in taxes from that period? I told her, “Wow, I didn’t use the phone, but in fact, I spent much time buying mobile data phone cards. She said, hold a moment, and let me call over a supervisor to look into this.” She places me on the phone call hold.
I don’t know what I was going to do about this surprise $2,000 phone charge, but then I picked my anointed ‘Morning Water’ and sprayed it in my mouth and prayed a prayer barely noticeable to my mind. The unuttered prayer was for sure about this $2,000 international roaming AT&T charge, and it must not exist any longer, in Jesus’ name!

The anointed Morning Water has an impressive list of miraculous intervention it has been used to do. Skim the list from the booklet “Table of Content,” from page 5 to page 23.

Then, she, (AT&T) personnel comes back on the phone and says, “Wow, I don’t know what happened, but the $2,000 roaming bill is gone. I was with the supervisor, we don’t know what happened, but it is not there. I feel like I am a little hallucinating, but I don’t find the charge I previously took a break to research.”
She went further and said, “I will make sure to jot a note on your account, so that if the charges come up again, then it will be removed.”

I am composing this true story in this blog so that more people can give Jesus glory, and believe God in whatever situation that is opposing your career, mortgage, marriage, car trouble, children, future. Thank God for the Prophet TB Joshua and SCOAN and the medium of anointed ‘Morning Water’!

If by any blessing and miracle of God, you are giving this anointed ‘Morning Water,’ please know that what you have in your hand is precious.


Don’t take it for granted! If you have any questions, then look into the Bible for yourself and see the precedence of ways God have intervened in many people’s affairs using His arbitrary tools to bring about deliverance, healing, blessing and more.

PLEASE GIVE GLORY TO GOD for His Grace expressed through this medium and that your case does not escape the notice of God! If you are reading this blog post, you are one more step closer to believing in a bigger God, bigger than your opposing situation.

The Best is Yet To Come!

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One thought on “Anyone up for a $2,000 testimony? The Anointed Morning Water strikes Kerrville

  1. Amen, Hallelujah – thank you Jesus!!
    Jesus still confirms His Word with signs and wonders happening!!
    …and that’s just the beginning…
    To God be ALL the GLORY!!!