What does a modern revolutionary dating and marriage love tale look like?

My bride and I have a modern revolutionary dating and marriage love tale. The journey began online at Eharmony.com. 

Then built over the 24-hour driving distances between Chicago and Texas. We met at unlikely locations around the country: in Baltimore MD, (First Steps to Success); in Atlanta GA, (Creating a Dynasty); the memorial site (World Trade Center-Ground Zero), the funeral of my grandmother (Long Island NY), and in Orlando Florida (A.M.T.C. Summer Shine 2014).



One year ago, March 31st, Wladimir Joseph asked me to be seen by him exclusively even though we have NEVER MET face-to-face. We had been getting to know each other over the past several months; THAT’S RIGHT!, #EHARMONY HOOKUP! (I NEVER thought in a million years that I would meet my husband online, but that’s another story).

Wladimir was bold from the start. Never played games and was honest from our first conversation. I was totally flabbergasted at such boldness. I mean, I liked him and all, we had great conversations, similar dreams, and goals but had NEVER MET in “real life.”