Give me just one more marriage and Hacksaw Ridge

Did you see the Hacksaw Ridge movie? My version of the brave officer’s cry is, “Give me just one more marriage. Just one more marriage, Lord.” Marriages are probably more like the theme from Hacksaw Ridge movie.

Folks really wounded but if only the right Godly help was available. The below is an exchange from a husband who was just about ready to leave his decade-plus marriage with kids. This week I checked in with him, to see how he is doing. What I heard back from him was gushing confidence and celebration of his marriage. 180-degree change! (more…)

Happy National Day of Prayer and Sweet Times of Fun, Prayer & Fellowship Weekend

National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving are historical events that the founding fathers of America wisely planned into our America’s fabric. There is a great opportunity for us to celebrate National Day of Prayer as much and even more than we do Thanksgiving. Wondering which person or couple would seize the opportunity to make the weekend of National Day of Prayer a super fun and productive time for their single life or marriage? Don’t be shy!

We will. What about you? What would it be like to commit to having a massive amount of fun and fellowship among a handful of folks just because it was National Day of Prayer Weekend? Last year, for National Day of Prayer, we put on a community movie night to support “National Day of Prayer,” now we are supporting the weekend of National Day of Prayer with community and fun. (more…)