Honeymoon Anniversary Celebration in Progress… Your Wedding Invitation?

Worth The Wait

Our honeymoon anniversary celebration started 12/13/15… we are still on it. It will last a three weeks period. We are intentionally sparsely available on-and-offline during our three weeks honeymoon re-celebration. It’s a hybrid of being fully inaccessible and away at a certain time, or continuing with our day-to-day obligations and yet keeping intact the honeymoon anniversary celebration spirit.

The enclosed picture is from our Honeymoon Living wedding ceremony, where my 32-year old virgin bride (and never yet kissed) and I had our very first kiss. (more…)

How My Husband’s Life Was Spared On September 11th

September 11th is an interesting day in our house. It is a day of mixed emotions. My husband worked at the World Trade Center when 9/11 occurred. I am speechless as I try and write up what that means in our house.

The emotions that swirl inside me when I think about how I almost lost the man that I love in one of our nation’s greatest tragedies long before we ever met are pretty indescribable.  My spouse is alive today and so many other people are not.

How do you celebrate the life that survived and mourn the lives that were lost?

What Is Your YES?

Are You A “Yes” or “No” Person? In this post is a quick heart-to-heart with Elyssa and Wladimir. I am going to be honest; I love my life! Why? It is crazy to me to see what God can do with a “Yes.” Actually, it is more like a bunch of “Yeses” stacked up over years of just doing the next thing in front of me.

 Through the tears, the struggles, the victories, in it all, God is just looking for our “Yes,” and He will do the rest. I am amazed by how He has directed my life (and Wladimir’s life too).


How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Where do we get our identity from?
I think many people often look to their romantic relationships as a way to find some semblance of defining identity, rather than entering relationships with a strong sense of who they are apart from the other person.

I would suggest that the healthier scenario is when there are two people coming to a relationship whole; not needing the other to tell them who they are, but instead have their own sense of established identity roots.


What does a modern revolutionary dating and marriage love tale look like?

My bride and I have a modern revolutionary dating and marriage love tale. The journey began online at Eharmony.com. 

Then built over the 24-hour driving distances between Chicago and Texas. We met at unlikely locations around the country: in Baltimore MD, (First Steps to Success); in Atlanta GA, (Creating a Dynasty); the memorial site (World Trade Center-Ground Zero), the funeral of my grandmother (Long Island NY), and in Orlando Florida (A.M.T.C. Summer Shine 2014).