One more marriage helped by divine grace and a fighter

A quick encouraging marriage restoration testimony. Nothing that we do for Christ is in vain.

[Counselee Wife Texting, Tuesday 7/25/17 1:14pm, CST] Hi. I wanted to give you my weekly update. We are having a lot more harmony in our house, more of a feeling as if things are light and not having so many barriers. I feel like I understand more now about what God wants from me as a wife and what God wants for my family… what my purpose is and what my purpose is not. It’s funny how so many things that I see and hear line up with what God is teaching me right now like what’s in your book [co-authored with wifeThe Power of A Honeymoon Marriage] and the different sermons I listen to…

It’s just neat how everything works together. I’ve been using the water spray [Anointed Morning Water]. Spraying it on pillows and that sort of things like those that we talked about. I’m trying to take more opportunities to pray with my husband when he tells me that something’s wrong. Also I’m asking him to pray for me when I need prayer. But, actually praying together instead of just saying okay yes I’ll pray for you later or in my own personal prayers. Does that make sense? Our home has more of a feeling of being filled with love. I think my husband and I are a lot quicker to help each other and growing in being slow to anger… (more…)

What does a modern revolutionary dating and marriage love tale look like?

My bride and I have a modern revolutionary dating and marriage love tale. The journey began online at 

Then built over the 24-hour driving distances between Chicago and Texas. We met at unlikely locations around the country: in Baltimore MD, (First Steps to Success); in Atlanta GA, (Creating a Dynasty); the memorial site (World Trade Center-Ground Zero), the funeral of my grandmother (Long Island NY), and in Orlando Florida (A.M.T.C. Summer Shine 2014).


The Power of a Praying® Spouse Journey!

What we, Wladimir (38) and Elyssa (32) found the year leading up to and in our marriage has created so much joy for us. Shockingly, this joy has defied many common sentiments about marriage. We can only credit that joy to one source—God.

We feel very blessed with God’s creation of marriage and our journey together as husband and wife. It feels like we are a bit set up by God to champion marriage. We don’t exactly know all the details to that, but we are taking it one step at a time in championing marriage—in our own and others in theirs. This is why we are inviting you here. (more…)

Elyssa and Wladimir’s Custom Wedding Vows!!!

WEDDING VIDEO CLIP! Yeah! – I keep being asked to post more about my husband’s, Wladimir Joseph, and my incredible wedding day. (I’m working on it. I promise.) Our wedding was incredible!

It was incredible not because we had oodles of money for an elaborate party, but because we came into our marriage, not just in love (which we were and are), but because one of our main goals and dreams about what we wanted on our wedding day (and marriage) was that we would be blessed and inspire others, married or single. (more…)

Elyssa and Wladimir Joseph Honeymoon Living Story in the Making

Everything starts small!

Our Story in Making

Wladimir – From Haiti to the skyscrapers of New York, to the windy city of Chicago.
Elyssa – From the mountains of California to the hills of San Francisco, to the great country of Texas.

Both Wladimir and Elyssa were on a mission to find the one with whom they could run the fun race of life together. (more…)