What does a modern revolutionary dating and marriage love tale look like?

My bride and I have a modern revolutionary dating and marriage love tale. The journey began online at Eharmony.com. 

Then built over the 24-hour driving distances between Chicago and Texas. We met at unlikely locations around the country: in Baltimore MD, (First Steps to Success); in Atlanta GA, (Creating a Dynasty); the memorial site (World Trade Center-Ground Zero), the funeral of my grandmother (Long Island NY), and in Orlando Florida (A.M.T.C. Summer Shine 2014).


The Power of a Praying® Spouse Journey!

What we, Wladimir (38) and Elyssa (32) found the year leading up to and in our marriage has created so much joy for us. Shockingly, this joy has defied many common sentiments about marriage. We can only credit that joy to one source—God.

We feel very blessed with God’s creation of marriage and our journey together as husband and wife. It feels like we are a bit set up by God to champion marriage. We don’t exactly know all the details to that, but we are taking it one step at a time in championing marriage—in our own and others in theirs. This is why we are inviting you here. (more…)