Updated mission statement for Eradicate Divorce

“A study of divorce filings in New York, Illinois and California by AttorneyFee.com, a legal referral site, found that February is the busiest month of the year for divorce filings, up about 18% from the average month. And those seeking referrals for a divorce lawyer on the site increase 38% following the holiday, with the biggest spike on the day after Valentine’s” – the study was reported by CNNMoney.

Here are additional statistics on marriage, (assuming US statistics and 2013): 41 percent of first marriages end in divorce, 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce, and 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce. That means just about 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce (¹). Most likely, divorce has affected you or somebody close to you. Maybe your own past or present family circumstance has been affected by divorce and is a current or past source of great pain. EradicateDivorce.org acknowledges your pain in advance, and nothing in its efforts to eradicate divorce is meant to add additional pain to your experience, nor are we judging you. However difficult or contrary to your understanding of marriage, nothing that we say in our sincere effort is intended to add to your pain. Our goal is to expose and dismantle root causes to unfortunate divorces.

A Panacea for the World’s Ills

Many hungry communities could be fed and clothed by dollars that instead are spent on divorce proceedings (whether costly or nominal). In the United States alone, divorce is a $28 billion-a- year industry, with the average divorce costing $15,000 (²).

A marriage based on God’s authentic blueprint for marriage cannot end in divorce; hence, more marriages born or transformed into authentic marriages according to the original covenant of Adam and Eve will save money and relieve stress for the couple, their family and the world. Instead of squandering money and energy in the dissolution of their marriage, couples can instead follow God’s authentic blueprint for marriage and choose to dedicate their money and time to the needs of their community or the world.

What if more couples experienced the authentic marriage blueprint? There would be more couples effectively using their energy being creative collaborators and co-creators, freed from the time-consuming distraction of disharmony in their marriages and able to invest their creative energy into unlimited possibilities. How many more artists, musicians, songwriters (with more songs of agape-love written from experience), new professions, and inventions would there be if couples grabbed ahold of world-changing commissions and then went forth and lived out those commissions for the authentic purposes of their marriages?

Based on the first study mentioned above, by CNNMoney, “Day after Valentine’s kicks off divorce season,” higher divorce filing rates is found in February. It is evident marriages need help every month but especially the February month needs extra help. EradicateDivorce.org has a new long-term goal to make February the month that returns to the love month. More details on the mission are being forged.

EradicateDivorce.org is a collection of revolutionary resources to stir a movement to eradicate Christian Divorces. A mission of Partners in Christ-Centered Coaching and Counseling for Relationship, Life, and Marriage (501.c3 non-profit). We help marriage life be more fulfilling with a clearer pathway to keeping the marriage covenant. We expose traps planted to destroy genuine God-ordained marriages. Can we help you or someone you know? There is no need for stigma or shame on getting help or having difficulties. Click here to get help or contact us here. Do you want to help us eradicate divorce? Click here to help in small and big ways.

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