Fabulous question: Do you have any suggestions for an online Bible study, [or church]?

Fabulous question: “Do you have any suggestions for an online Bible study, [or church]?”
Recently I saw this critical question. I am answering as a person who has been on record as a professing Christian since 1994, who has been to seminary, who has been a backslider/lukewarm fornicating Christian who during those wayward days also dabbled into universalism and other occultism/new age ideas, who then became a rededicated spiritual virgin groom and now who is in the front line spiritual battle as a Christian groom-warrior in marriage, and in the eradicatedivorce.org mission.

Here is my preamble to the answer: Life and time is short. Those who are planning to be known by Jesus Christ in heaven must absolutely be known by Him while on earth, and we do not have an unlimited amount of time at our disposal to keep trying/sampling different Christian standards and opinions before we get this one thing right. Many Christian teachings, churches, or ministries or heresies places the emphasis on “my feeling,” “my life experiences,” “my visions,” “my, my, my, my.” However, Jesus Christ is not and will not be fooled, by a person’s “my experience in this or that…”

Additionally, miracles, success and a myriad of wonderfully positive things can be experienced/achieved/done on earth, and yet be without heaven’s long-term backing or approval. ALWAYS, our Real Christianity is validated true FROM HEAVEN’S VIEWPOINT and based on how we are faithful and faith/hope/love-filled on God’s track records in Scripture (or how we truly trust Jesus alone, and practice dependence on Jesus) as a parent to our God-given children, or if married, in our marriage to our God-given spouse. Since the cloud of witness on Facebook (Twitter, Instagram, Social Media, Etc.), nor the court of public opinions on earth, nor the legal court verdict on earth never will sway heaven’s authenticity-standard of a true faith/hope/love-filled believer (one known by Jesus Christ and who humbly walks following Him).

Now to the ANSWER: One caveat to finding a Church (online/local), Bible Study or Ministry is that it MUST MAKE YOU LOOK MORE LIKE A NEW TESTAMENT BELIEVER and JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, rather than looking more like friends, family, peers, colleagues, etc. (or things that sway on social media). AVOID building your spiritual assurance and saving faith on things that do not directly refer you back TO SOLELY LIVING BASED on the characteristics of Jesus Christ and the New Testament Believers.

In Summary, though other Living/True Ministries and Churches exists: I will recommend the game-changer in my life, http://emmanuel.tv

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