The Power Of A HONEYMOON™ Marriage Book

The Power of a HONEYMOON™ Marriage: Discover the authentic blueprint for planning, preparing and sustaining happily-ever-after

Marriage, dating, and a relationship with God: are they really different from each other? In fact, marriage or dating AND a relationship with God are extremely enmeshed. Often, trying to deal with a struggle in one area without looking at the other just prolongs the problem or never leads to the true solution. What we need is a comprehensive discussion about singleness or marriage PLUS our relationship with God. We don’t mean stuffy treatises or watered-down chats. We need a non-clinical discussion about marriage—with a Christian soul. The book invites you to that conversation. Join us as we take the topics of marriage and singleness and our Christian faith head on, covering everything you need to prepare for and experience a forever honeymoon. This book answers the questions: is there an authentic blueprint for successful dating or marriage relationships? And what does a honeymoon have to do with lasting love? The answer is shocking! Available at our Honeymoon Living Store, online, and at a store/location likely near you.

Not too long ago, I would have felt embarrassed that it took me 13 months to read your book, ‘The Power of a Honeymoon Marriage’. But since I am free of the fear of man, I celebrate my massive sprout that I actually read a whole book cover to cover! I have NEVER done that. In my life. Ever. Not in 44 years. Today marks that day. Wladimir & Elyssa, I have been drawn to your book like a honey hungry bee! I just marveled at the depth of your faith which brought about powerful revelations across many pages. I picked up that book and many, many times, had to put it down after just 1 page because I just couldn’t process the richness of the content in one sitting. Most of the questions had me completely and utterly at a loss for answers. That never happens! “Thank you” just doesn’t seem enough. But as I sit here in my lounge in the UK, oceans apart, tears flowing at the final prayer you prayed over me and my marriage, I say thank you for every word, every thought, every prayer and every effort that you both have poured into your marriage that has resulted in this book. It is so filled with love and encouragement, so full of evidence that there IS a blueprint, it is accessible, no matter what your past looks like. And that when we find our way back to God’s plan for us, everything turns for the good. Thank you, both. I pray that God blesses and surprises you with the ever increasing calling on your lives to champion marriage across the world. Jan and I, for one, are profoundly and forever impacted. Love LindaLinda
Parent, Wife, Business Owner

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