Give me just one more marriage and Hacksaw Ridge

Did you see the Hacksaw Ridge movie? My version of the brave officer’s cry is, “Give me just one more marriage. Just one more marriage, Lord.” Marriages are probably more like the theme from Hacksaw Ridge movie.

Folks really wounded but if only the right Godly help was available. The below is an exchange from a husband who was just about ready to leave his decade-plus marriage with kids. This week I checked in with him, to see how he is doing. What I heard back from him was gushing confidence and celebration of his marriage. 180-degree change!

[WJ]- How’s it going?

[Husband guy]- It’s awesome… Amen!!!!
I’ll never forget that 2 hours phone call we had! I really can’t thank you enough…

[WJ]- [responds something related to thanking God for the opportunity to help!]

[Husband guy]- Sure did!! My wife is so understanding these days….. Her little kind things she does make up for a whole lotta craziness. Lol her reaction is different … And my reactions are different .. we can talk again she’s letting me finally be who I am and she thinks it is funny .. Freaking love it man!!!

[WJ]- [responds something related to God loves you! I am closing up for the night. Good night.]

[Husband guy]- Thanks ..God bless you!! If I ever see u in person I wanna shake your hand and give u an awesome hug 🙂 good night

We wish more people had been presented with the friendly and grounded support about marriage that this decade-plus husband and father received. In the upcoming National Day of Prayer Day and Weekend, The Joseph family have hopes to be celebrating single friends and married couples with the purpose to share some of God’s love that the husband had received by playing board games, sports, and eating.

We will be doing a rare thing of inviting some folks over. If you have a friend or family member you know who could benefit from care and support for their current state of life, if married or single. Elyssa and I are opening our home and backyard to a select small group of folks to make the Kerrville National Day of Prayer Weekend extra festive and enriching. We finalize our guest list by 4/28 Friday Midnight!

Additional details:

Part 1:

  • On the May 4th, simply participate at whatever National Day of Prayer Event in your community, whether lunch time or evening.
  • In Kerrville, participate one or some of these community events:
    • 7 am – Prayer breakfast at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
    • Noon – Open-air prayer meeting on the lawn of the Kerr County Courthouse
    • 6 pm – Community prayer at Zion Lutheran Church, hosted by Louada Raschke
    • 7:30 pm – Private viewing of The War Room movie with the Wladimir and Elyssa Joseph

Part 2:

  • Join us Friday Night (depending on your schedule), or Saturday Morning for festivities and fun
    • As early 5:30 pm
    • Hacksaw Ridge Movie (private viewing)
    • Fun, conversations, popcorn, fellowship
  • Throughout Friday night and Saturday, there will be plenty of opportunities to both have fun, community outing, eating, self-reflect downtime and prayer
    • Fun, conversations, popcorn, fellowship
    • Frisbee, volleyball


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