Happy National Day of Prayer and Sweet Times of Fun, Prayer & Fellowship Weekend

National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving are historical events that the founding fathers of America wisely planned into our America’s fabric. There is a great opportunity for us to celebrate National Day of Prayer as much and even more than we do Thanksgiving. Wondering which person or couple would seize the opportunity to make the weekend of National Day of Prayer a super fun and productive time for their single life or marriage? Don’t be shy!

We will. What about you? What would it be like to commit to having a massive amount of fun and fellowship among a handful of folks just because it was National Day of Prayer Weekend? Last year, for National Day of Prayer, we put on a community movie night to support “National Day of Prayer,” now we are supporting the weekend of National Day of Prayer with community and fun.

A few months ago, we purchased a couple of volleyballs, a couple of frisbees, because we (The Joseph Family) have been wanting to increase the fun in the community. Additionally, a couple of months ago, we started playing the “Cash Flow,” board game at home and was planning on opening this up to the community. Now the wonderful possibilities are all coming together for a few brave ones.

Part 1:

  • On the May 4th, simply participate at whatever National Day of Prayer Event in your community, whether lunch time or evening.

Part 2:

  • Join us Friday Night (depending on your schedule), or Saturday Morning for festivities and fun
  • Throughout Friday night and Saturday, there will be plenty of opportunities to both have fun, community outing, eating, self-reflect downtime and prayer

More info will come to those interested. Not all people who reach out to us will we be able to accommodate. This is available to only a handful of people. Please express your interest as early as possible, since we will finalize our guest list by Thursday 27th, Midnight! Don’t be shy! Contact us here or email us at info@honeymoonliving.org!

P.S. If you are not near Kerrville, or unable to come and join our weekend fellowship, then please consider doing something extra in your local area, the weekend of the USA National Day of Prayer. Why? Because, if you are in America, then the Founding Fathers sought for Christians to make good use of the National Day of Prayer for the maintenance of the spiritual health and integrity of America. Therefore, if we take up this opportunity given to us by our Christian-inspired founding fathers, then we will fulfill this part of God’s intent that was laid in the hearts of the founding fathers. If we do even more than the one-day prayer event by expanding it into the weekend, then we increase the benefits of the original Christian inspiration of our founding fathers.

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