One more marriage helped by divine grace and a fighter

A quick encouraging marriage restoration testimony. Nothing that we do for Christ is in vain.

[Counselee Wife Texting, Tuesday 7/25/17 1:14pm, CST] Hi. I wanted to give you my weekly update. We are having a lot more harmony in our house, more of a feeling as if things are light and not having so many barriers. I feel like I understand more now about what God wants from me as a wife and what God wants for my family… what my purpose is and what my purpose is not. It’s funny how so many things that I see and hear line up with what God is teaching me right now like what’s in your book [co-authored with wifeThe Power of A Honeymoon Marriage] and the different sermons I listen to…

It’s just neat how everything works together. I’ve been using the water spray [Anointed Morning Water]. Spraying it on pillows and that sort of things like those that we talked about. I’m trying to take more opportunities to pray with my husband when he tells me that something’s wrong. Also I’m asking him to pray for me when I need prayer. But, actually praying together instead of just saying okay yes I’ll pray for you later or in my own personal prayers. Does that make sense? Our home has more of a feeling of being filled with love. I think my husband and I are a lot quicker to help each other and growing in being slow to anger…

[Wladimir Responds] Wow. Way cool. Praises to King Jesus! Jesus is Lord!!! You are getting wisdom and understanding from heaven on how to live beyond your senses. Thank you so much for sharing and I hear the testimonies in the sharing. Praises to King Jesus! If you don’t mind, can I make this an anonymous testimony by taking out any names, and clean it up and share it to encourage someone else?

[Counselee Wife Texting] Yes absolutely. And, you know there’s just so much more. I was so focused on getting a new house. That is all I really wanted. However, God was interested in totally remaking my family. He [The Lord] didn’t want to us have a new house being the same people and operating the same way. Instead of a new house, I feel like I have a new chance. I feel like we are being a good steward of the family that we have been given. We came so close to just wasting everything destroying everything. And, God’s grace abounded instead. God made sure that you [Wladimir] were a part of our lives so that you could fight when we could not or were unwilling. In addition, I am learning how to fight for my family and fight for my marriage. I am learning so much more about Warfare now. Again, it’s just funny how everything lines up. Because I was listening to a sermon where they were talking about how we were made to worship but even more so we were made for Warfare. And, that’s not something I really never knew anything about before. But, I’m learning and I’m growing and I’m getting stronger. And, I’m just really really excited about that. Do you know that I didn’t even make it through the first page of your book [co-authored with wife, The Power of A Honeymoon Marriage] before I was crying? I’m so thankful for what God is doing. The other day my husband told me that, “he is happy that I’m on his team.” Honestly, I think it is the first time we have ever really felt like a team. Some people talk about their spouse and say that they are their best friend or that they want to be friends again… I told my husband that “I don’t think we ever were friends.” So for him to be happy that I’m on his team? It’s a whole new territory. We’re about to be married for 8 years. We’re about to have our anniversary. But, I don’t think we’ve ever been in a season like this one. It’s funny because earlier this week I heard someone say that the number seven is the number of completion and the number 8 is a number of new beginnings. It’s amazing and scary and humbling and crazy to think that we could have a new beginning.

And, I’m teaching my children how to pray and stand on the truth and stand on God’s promise and make proclamations and to know the authority and power that they have. That just wasn’t a part of my personal foundation before. And it bleeds into the rest of my life and God is using me to touch others and to teach others to pray how you have taught me – “to ask for forgiveness,” “to forgive others,” “to thank God,” “to speak into existence what is already true even when it doesn’t “feel” true.” I’m growing in discipline and obedience to the Holy Spirit and having revelation about problems that I didn’t know were problems. Things I need to change, pride that I have, that sort of thing.

[Wladimir Responds] Way cool. Praises to Jesus! Jesus is Lord, to the glory and praise of God!

[Counselee Wife Texting] I wanted a new house so bad and I know that God confirmed that it was his plan for me so I was so confused when it didn’t happen. More specifically, I really thought he said September and I thought it was last September and it didn’t happen and instead my marriage was rocked. As you know, I was pretty pissed. But, to think that God’s plan instead was to remake my family before getting us into our new house, our new beginning – well that is truly humbling. I told you [Wladimir] before that the only thing that can hurt worse than what I was feeling when God was breaking us down to build us up would be if God just left us alone altogether. He is just so amazing. There aren’t words to describe his awesomeness. Thank you for being a part of our family

[Wladimir Responds, Tuesday 7/25/17 4:40pm CST] Thank you Jesus! All for Him. One life, I have to live, All for Jesus! Keep encouraged and growing firm in Christ and it will be glorious when the sky is parted or calls us home!

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