God is good and greatly to be praised. Give thanks to the Lord for HE is good.
I love you ? my GPA Elyssa. Congratulations on 28 months, 852 days of being in His Divine Will Of Kingdom Marriage (HDWOKM)!? The best is yet to come, always!
(GPA, God’s Plan A)

The Second Century Church Service as Documented Misleads

Someone referred me to an article about the Second Century Church Service. Wow. I read the article.

If we trusted the Second Century church service as documented in the article, then we would have to abandon the Bible’s records of Jesus, the Prophets, Apostles, and early victorious disciples. The Bible records promises of God’s overcoming power over sin and the defeated devil, then the same Bible documents the fulfillment of these promises of God through the actions of Jesus, and his followers by recording their healing and deliverance acts. (more…)

Only Fools Follow Gold

Re-Dedication and Partnership For The Long Journey

Last weekend, I spontaneously reconnected to an early song from my early Christianity, 20+ years ago. Only Fools by Crystal Lewis. The words are profound and simple. Only fools believe in only what they see…

The part of the lyrics that catapulted me back 20+ years ago was “I no longer see things controlling me. You have spoken, I have listened.” Those words amazingly captured the changes that took place in me, that is, “circumstances stop controlling me,” like the rampant partying, boozing, and promiscuity in my social environment.  (more…)

Fabulous question: Do you have any suggestions for an online Bible study, [or church]?

Fabulous question: “Do you have any suggestions for an online Bible study, [or church]?”
Recently I saw this critical question. I am answering as a person who has been on record as a professing Christian since 1994, who has been to seminary, who has been a backslider/lukewarm fornicating Christian who during those wayward days also dabbled into universalism and other occultism/new age ideas, who then became a rededicated spiritual virgin groom and now who is in the front line spiritual battle as a Christian groom-warrior in marriage, and in the eradicatedivorce.org mission.

Here is my preamble to the answer: Life and time is short. Those who are planning to be known by Jesus Christ in heaven must absolutely be known by Him while on earth, and we do not have an unlimited amount of time at our disposal to keep trying/sampling different Christian standards and opinions before we get this one thing right. (more…)

What’s your marriage score?

It is easy to go by feelings. I don’t feel bad and therefore my marriage is probably good. Or, I feel ok, and therefore my marriage is okay. Why just guess? You are a champion and you don’t settle at guessing. Here’s your answer.

Take the “Marriage Check-in and Support Quiz” and find out your personal marriage score! Or better yet, also invite your married friends to take their marriage quiz, at this link.

The Dialogue Around The Shack Offers Us Opportunities…

As we are having dialogues about the movie or the book, it is evident that we are sometimes saying the same things, and others times, not so. If we keep in context that we are talking about something really important with multiple implications, then we can increase the benefits we get in this dialogue. We can appropriately learn and mature during the dialogue.

Possibly the best outcome of this dialogue is that the maturity we experience during the dialogue gets transferred to the church becoming genuinely more mature in occupying the earth until Jesus Christ parts the sky on that glorious that.

There is a lot at stake to the universal body of Christ. 1 Peter 4:17 “For the time has come for judgment to begin with the house of God. If judgment begins with us first, what will be the end for those who disobey the Good News of God? 18 Now, “if it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what shall become of the ungodly and the sinner?” Please take the accompanying survey to balance out the context we are each speaking about.

The above survey should show, but if it doesn’t then click this link to take the quick 11-question survey.
The above picture of the church comes from a riveting article: Judgment Will Start in the House of God: “We want to build a church rather than break a heart. This leaves people confused and deceived because we teach and live a form of Christianity void of repentance … void of truth.” Please click and have a read.

Five words I love to hear

I didn’t watch the Oscars but what is predictable is the outright darkness-infested attacks that will increase against the God-ordained president. What is unpredictable is how deeply and heartfelt do we Christians rally for our Christian President and his supporting leaders. 

The enemy’s camp has no insider confusion–their mission, destroy God appointed President Trump–except the confusion we supernaturally inflict on it through the spiritual armories we yield against it in prayer. We Christians have to be careful from self-inflicted pain and confusion against God’s kingdom agenda by not fighting really really really hard in the Spirit for our Christian President Trump. (more…)