What to do the next 100 days?

President Trump’s first 100-days in office. Much negative hype is made against this President. I have a question that is hard to answer: how does information given by media impact the Christian citizen’s spiritual commitment to the president or top leader(s) of one’s country?

The above question is a bit involved but needs not paralyze us who want to be faithful and ardent Christians.

Here are some other related questions:

  • Do how I relate to the President of my country impact me as a spouse, in my marriage?
  • Will I respond better to the President of my country, in the remaining term of his/her presidency based on my first 100 days of responding to this leader?
  • How does God look at my response to the President of my current country?
  • How does my daily or weekly activities increase or decrease my support for the President of my current country?
  • How have I changed in the last 100-days of this presidency?

I’ve prayed for President Trump, probably 95 out of his 100 days. Now, when I see his picture or pictures of his family, I have genuine empathy and care for them. In the last 99 days, I have prioritized catching up on a broadcast by President Trump, on a weekly basis. I think the big lesson I learned in the last 99-days is that when you pray for a person with faith and for them to succeed, then you are likely to fall in genuine care and concern for them. More than any other time in my life, in the last 100-days, I have increased my care about a president’s success from a spiritually motivated point of view. We can be changed by being faithful to our calling, more than we can change the objects involved in our calling. It is not the president that matters but the faithfulness to our calling to support him/her in prayer and other sincere ways. What are your thoughts and reflections?

I don’t know how best to rally fellow Christians to unite under this charge for praying for our President Trump.

Would holding you accountable help? Could you use the additional encouragement along the way for increasing your spiritual support of the President? Do you want to commit to praying for the President next 100-days, like you have never done before and want gentle loving help doing just that?

Yes, I want to regularly Pray for My President

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